Manufacturer Warranty Service

At Western Pit Stop Automotive Pty Ltd, we provide our customers with the ability to service their brand new cars without affecting the sellerís statutory warranty obligations. All services are carried out according to the manufacturer stipulated schedule and specifications by qualified technicians.† We use genuine or appropriate quality parts and lubricants where required. This ensures your statutory warranty remains unaffected.

Owners have the right to service their new car by a qualified technician other than the dealer without putting their warranties at risk. Dealers cannot declare a warranty void if the owner has serviced the car by a selected service centre which employs qualified service technicians and that servicing matches manufacturer specification and only genuine or appropriate quality parts are used.

You can make a significant saving by servicing your car at Western Pit Stop Automotive Pty Ltd without compromising quality and safety. Most importantly we will stamp your logbook to certify that we have serviced your car to manufacture guidelines. If you want your brand new car serviced by us and need more information to make sure that your warranty is not at risk, please give us a call or meet us to discuss.


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